History Olive Oil Soap

HISTORY olive oil soap is journey progress to soap showing miraculous properties of the olive oil is combined with (sodium hydroxide) costic.

The traditional chrome boilers kept boiling olive oil is combined with costic quietly dexterity of skilled hands.Of mixture soap is pouring trays and is waiting 1 day for curdle.It is cut meticulously.After 15-day drying period is packed by making required analysis and is presented our valued customers.

* It have contents only olive oil. It does not include any animal additives and colorants.
* Our product is Manufactured with hot process production method handmade in adhering to traditional methods.
* Our soap is recommended to use in dry and sensitive skin types.
* It is give refreshment its the with calming effect of odor and helps you relieve tiredness of the day.
* It helps cleaning the scurf in the skin. It moisturizes and softens the skin.
* Formed on the skin helps reduce the stain and skin darkening.
* It nourishes and revives your skin with vitamin E and glycerine inside.
* ph value is on the level of ensuring the clearance without irritating in even sensitive skin.
* Our products were tested dermatological.
* It is produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices, TURKAK approved ISO,9001:2008 and ISO 22716 in cosmetics.